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Last night, tried to go to bed early, end up waking up at midnight and again at 2:00AM, I needed to be up at 5AM.

Woke up late, thought I lost my ID, spent 30 minutes looking for it. It was stuck in one of the folders in my purse.

Went to clinical, thought I going to be late. Got to the unit at 6:45, forgot my stethoscope in the car.

It's almost 8AM when I get it back, been on my feet for about an hour, meds need to be passed. Patient has breast cancer. Meds are passed, we change her linen, right as we leave, she vomits. Change her again.

Another nurse needs help, I help change her linens. She asks for a needlestick. I do one, another nurse overhears, also asks for a needlestick. That same nurse also asks me to help change his patient's linens. Suddenly it's 7:00PM, nurse still needs to give medications, and finish charting. I can't leave until she leaves. We don't leave until 7:40.

I just got back home, My feet are killing me.

I feel a little stupid, but I guess I learned a lot.

I have to get up early tomorrow though. Sigh.
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