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If I sign a lease this month, they will give me 3 months free rent, which means I don't have to pay a dime until August.

This is huge for me as I've been stressing out about having to pay rent + deposits + move in-fees, and still be able to live until my first paycheck. So, if everything goes as planned I can use my savings for food and gas. Thank the lord.

Now the main problem is my parents, they don't want me moving out. They need someone to take care of my mentally ill little brother, even though they are plenty able to do so themselves (they're both RNs who make tons of money), and they are able to find babysitters if needed. Of course they haven't yet, because I am still here. Granted, I've wasted my life taking care of my little brother, and honestly I am tired. He isn't my responsibility. He's theirs. But they don't want to actually take responsibility for him. And I am honestly worried. Left a bunch of phone numbers of potential resources they could try.

See, that's a big issue, but that's not the real issue here. They don't want to me to leave, because I'd be doing them a disservice. It would be a personal affront to them and others around their social circle (my mother friends' still have their kids living at home even though they're done with school, and they're socially retarded because of that), like I left because I had big disagreement with them. That's what's actually happening, because they don't want me leaving in the first place. I am leaving because I have job there. It's only 40 minutes away from home.

They really just want me at home because it's more convenient for them, I do their housework and their laundry, I cook for them, I buy groceries for them. They are losing a convenient maid, which is sad because I am their daughter.

You know in spite of all that, I really care for my parents and my little brother, my mom at least, dad can fuck off. And I want to do all I can for them. But...enough is enough man.


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