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I just started Leadership, basically an extended clinical rotation where you work a full 12hr shift. It's not as bad as it sounds, but it does get exhausting. I usually end up showering, then eating, then sleeping right when I return home.

Like both of my preceptors so far. MICU precept is a huge cutie, she talks to herself a lot, calls everyone a "sweetheart", and always says that she's out of it even though she incredibly organized and put together. Neuro precept is a deadpan snarker type, she likes to pretend she rules the roost over at the unit. Though she did orient some of nurses I worked with. So I guess her queen bee attitude is somewhat warranted. She actually really nice and funny though. Pretty good with talking to patients, something I'd like to be better with.

I actually prefer to work with Neuro precept, because she forces me to do everything. Can't learn unless you do in Nursing.

In gaming news, I just finished Dark Souls. Cheesed Gwyn with parrying dagger and the Moonlight Greatsword (new favorite weapon) Killed all the bosses too! Made Kalameet my bitch with sorcery + Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring + Crown of dusk. Some might "that's cheap, you're not playing the game right!" Meanwhile Zweihander +15 + Power Within + Red Tearstone Ring will probably kill the fucker in <10 hits. Not cheap at all!
Since that's done however, hype for Dark Souls 3 is up tenfold, and I don't have a PS4 yet. :( Considering Demon's Souls or SofFS, but I kinda want 60fps, and I don't think you get that with either game on the PS3. :(
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It's still rad.

The controls are definitely changed from the PS2 version, though. shooting was r1+x in the old version, while it's r1+square now. Just small changes are a little jarring now (especially coming off of The Evil Within), but I am got used to it. Just made it to the castle.

The game has amazing level design, it's something that I missed from The Evil Within, which only really has something to that caliber in Chapter 3. Granted I think that TEW makes up for it somewhat with it's more interesting arsenal (<3 agony crossbow), but RE4 still has melee + knife, so...

The only problem with RE4 is that it doesn't any specific way to kill downed enemies. I think you're suppose to use the down time to complete an objective or get out of there. The game gives you so much ammo that don't really need to do so, however.

Also no quick weapon switching. Those are just minor concerns though.

Whatever. Off to school.
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yas, i'm swimming in nostalgia.
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Manus is defeated! And I didn't have to ask for help! YESSSS.

Yeah, I'm stubborn. But look, it paid off!

BTW, as of now I have clocked about 130 hours into the game. I still don't have ONE Lord's Soul for the lordvessel. I mean you could probably shave 20 or so hours off the timer since I leave the game idle sometimes. But that's a long time, and I still haven't seen everything the game offers. The game is just so expansive. Especially if you trying to platinum the game.

I think I'll call it quits for a while once I defeat all the bosses. I only have one more optional boss to go. Kalameet. We will see how that goes.

Yeah, best game.

Manus plz

Jan. 28th, 2016 07:18 pm
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I am this close to asking someone for help against Manus. This hurts my pride greatly.


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